Things to consider when writing a birthday card

Birthdays have always been one of the biggest celebration for an individual, so adding a personal birthday message in a birthday greeting card for somebody is a great way to make them feel good on their special day. It is funny how you never realize how much your small effort is worth, unless you hear the person who received your card tells you how happy it made them. Don’t know how to go about to writing a message in a birthday card? We got you! Before you get to writing, these a some things to consider when writing a birthday card.

What to write in a birthday card?

If you want to write your own birthday message instead of using a pre-written one then follow some of these tips to ensure it is best.

  • Consider who the message is for and then write for them. For instance, if it is to a close friend you can go with something hilarious. For your mom or dad, a touching message can be more fitting. So, the recipient will determine the kind of message you use.
  • Make your message personal to the recipient. You should avoid a message sounding generic and like anybody can have written it. Perhaps reference something you may know,  or  talk about the experience you encountered together, likely an inside-joke between the two of you. Making the message personal shows that you took enough time to consider what you wrote.
  • If you got a gift to go with their card then you can want to reference that in your message.
  • Do a rough draft first. This way if you make any mistakes or you end up wanting to change the wording you can do so before you have commuted it to the card. You can check the pen to smudge or ink blobs this way as well.
  • Keep it short. Whilst you should not feel like you have to keep it to some words you do not want to turn it into an essay. So, you should be concise.

Share a memory

Think of a memory you shared with them. It does not have to be about the trip you went on; it can be about something small like a Sunday morning breakfast that you enjoyed together. If it makes you happier thinking about it, there is the best chance it’ll bring them joy as well.

Select the right card

Be sure to select a card that reminds you of the person to whom you are giving it. If they’re an animal lover, find a funny animal card. If this is for your mother who just loves flowers, then you find a card with flowers. This step is obvious, but more than not people tend to choose the first card they see. Just remember the thought of you including some some little detail, they will appreciate it more in the end.

Speak from the heart

It is ok to fill the card with words. Sometimes the simple sentences reflects your point. Some well-thought phrases will stand out more than filler words. Do not overthink it. Write it from your heart.

Make the recipient the main focus

It is their day. Put yourself in their shoes and make sure that you will feel special and important when reading the words.

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